Jessica Whang is currently a senior Animation major and Illustration concentrator at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).

Jessica's work is directly inspired by simple characters with complex personalities. She utilizes storytelling to make the characters feel more emotionally connected and relate-able to the viewers. She wants to achieve stories that have characters strive for what they want, even with their imperfections they are still able to grow and learn while using their weaknesses as their strengths. She hopes to have her audience, children and adults, to be able to find themselves within her stories and to fall in love with her characters.

 In Fall 2016 Jessica commuted from MICA to Titmouse (NY) as an Animation/Production Intern, and worked on animated shows such as Son of Zorn, Hanazuki, and Niko and the Sword of Light.  She also  created a short bumper which was featured in the 2016 Maryland Film Festival. In 2015, Jessica collaborated with NASA to create an animation about black holes, which was featured at Balticon Film Festival. Within the same time period, she also participated in the Walltimore Projection Exhibition.

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